On/From Debris Des(de) Los Escombros

By María Prado

Translated by Simon Breden

I’m young. Well not so young (at my age my grandmother, my mother had done..    had..). Still I consider myself young. I try to imagine myself in four of five years time. The image is blurry, changing, confused. I talk over and over again to my (still) young friends, obsessing over progress…. to where ? Because things should get better shouldn’t they ? That’s what they taught me. The milkmaid dropping her milk pail in the children’s story hurts me.

This is a Cervantes Theatre Rapid Production:  

Friday 24th May 2019 7.30pm in Spanish, Saturday 25th May 2019 7.30pm in English

Ticket Prices: £15 / £12 concsMORE INFOBUY TICKETS

The Old Masters Los Viejos Maestros

By Eva Hibernia

Translated by Clare Nimmo

Five people, two women and three men, meet at a campsite by the sea. Within 24 hours, everything surfaces, the miracle of love, passion, seduction and the desire for money. Malena and the old man, Professor Boyer,  have arrived at the site as a final stop in the shipwreck of their voyage together with the secret aim of selling the site.

Malena’s beauty and magnetism relieve the boredom for Iván and for Miquel, the village doctor.  For her part, Sofia, the niece who survived the 11M terrorist attacks, taking refuge in this corner of the world and, in love with the doctor, watches these people search for each other and repel each other in a game in which she can’t participate. Who are these old masters and what can they teach her ? What are we ready to risk when life throws us her final opportunity ?

This is a Cervantes Theatre Rapid Production:  

Friday 31st May 2019 7.30pm  in Spanish, Saturday 1st June 2019 7.30pm in English

Ticket Prices: £15 / £12 concsMORE INFOBUY TICKETS

Fourth Monkey at the Cervantes Theatre

Fourth Monkey at the Cervantes Theatre  

Following a number of creative collaborations between the two organisations in recent years and after a first season at the theatre last year, Fourth Monkey and the Cervantes Theatre are delivering another season of Spanish and Latin American work with the final year students on Fourth Monkey’s Two Year Rep Accelerated Actor Training programme. 

Fourth Monkey artistic director Steven Green says of the project: “ever since meeting Jorge De Juan and realising his vision for The Cervantes Theatre it has been a shared desire of ours to collaborate on a project with our students here. Jorge has previously directed two of our student productions, quite notably the celebrated Lorca classic The Public. But this is an exciting new annual project for us that we look forward to developing as we move forward. It’s imperative to us and the training objectives of our inspirational Director of Training Charleen Qwaye that our students work with diverse texts and with an international outlook. With a multi-lingual and diverse cohort of students what better way to celebrate diversity in our work than to work with texts not originally in the english language. This for all of us is a joy and we cannot wait to see what our students produce.”  

Thursday 4th July 19:30, Friday 5th July 14:30, Friday 5th July 19:30 

Ticket prices: £14 full, £10 concs  Buy tickets